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Year 6

Welcome to Year 6 with Miss Clifford, Mrs Wood and Ms Gallagher.


In Year 6, our class are eager to push themselves and to be role models for the younger children.  

We work to build confidence and grow in independence. Mistakes mean we're learning and challenging ourselves so we look forward to making new mistakes and learning new things each and every day.


We want Year 6 to be curious, questioning and imaginative. We encourage independence of thought and development of understanding our place in the world. We want to be compassionate, interested and determined to become the best possible versions of ourselves. 

We encourage the children to read for pleasure at least 5 times a week. As well as opening eyes to new worlds; being entertaining and growing imaginations, reading regularly will also greatly enrich vocabulary and develop comprehension and writing skills. 

Year 6 demands greater personal responsibility and we aim to ensure our children are given the opportunities and skills to be ready for their next adventure: secondary school!